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Being and having been a business owner off and on most of my life I have seen many changes, the most important one being how businesses find new customers. Most business owners being proud of what they do often do not see their need for seeking the help they need and therefore struggle and waste thousands of dollars every year on ineffective advertising.

I just read and downloaded a presentation from the Hubspot blog that details how advertising has changed over the past few centuries. It is mind numbing the amount of advertising we are all exposed to everyday and the changes that have occurred in just the past two decades have been nearly impossible to keep up with for any business owner.

Here are a couple highlights from the Hubspot post I’d like to emphasize:

Putting the Ad Landscape Into Perspective

Not only has the media landscape grown by type; each type has grown exponentially in volume. Nowadays there’s a magazine, TV channel, radio station, and a gajillion websites for every conceivable interest. And when we say “the internet” as an ad platform, that’s more than one trillion pages we’re talkin’ about. That’s one thousand billions, which looks like this: 1,000,000,000,000. Now take that number and multiply it by 6, because that’s how many display ads (only one type of ad) were shown across the internet in 2012, according to comScore. 

When you allocate that across the 2.4 billion internet-connected persons on the planet, it means there are 417 web pages and 2,502 display ads for each! It’s simply bonkers to think pumping more interruptive ads into the internet is going to work.

Too Much Advertising Leaves Only One Surefire Way to Reach Consumers

When the traditional media landscape consisted of nothing more than a dozen TV channels, radio stations, newspapers, and magazines, advertisers could create one-size-fits-all campaigns. Besides, consumers didn’t know there was a better way, nor did they possess DVRs, Do Not Call lists, or pocket-sized portals to all the world’s information so they could circumvent brand promises that seemed too good to be true. 

Nowadays brands don’t find customers. Customers find brands. And it’s not as a result of a cold call that interrupted dinner, a TV commercial that distracted them from Mad Men, or a stack of direct mail stuffed in their mailbox.

Among this splintered landscape and monumental information pollution, customers find brands through searching the web for information when they want it, and by gathering information from a trusted circle of peers both online and off. The only way to impact that behavior is to create marketing people love, and choose to interact with. Marketing that’s more about their needs than the brand’s needs. Marketing that’s trustworthy. Marketing that presents the right information to the right person, at the right time.

The above information provides me the reasons to do what I do everyday and what motivates me to want to keep on keeping on. I have watched this all evolve for more than 20 years and I love sharing that knowledge with business owners. So please consider getting help with your advertising, even if its not from me, but keep in mind most media representatives are trained by the media they sell for and most do not reach beyond that knowledge to learn what really works or how advertising has changed but they are mostly just trained to provide you with information second hand as they learn it and few have little real world experience.

I am only saying that you should choose carefully who you work with when it comes to advertising your business because your very future depends on it. Knowing what media will work today for your type of business takes customer focus on their needs more than broadcasting your company’s message to an audience that is mostly “ad blind”.

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