Your Business Needs A Hangout!

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Every business should create their own Google hangout. Why?

Because you are an expert at what you do!

Hangouts are quickly becoming a place to establish yourself as an expert in your field because it is the latest technology tool that provides a way to have your story online 24/7 and the best part, Google provides within their Gmail accounts for free!

Also when setup correctly you can broadcast a meeting to unlimited viewers and have the ability to take questions from an audience in real time.

They are often referred to as online workshops or online seminars. Presentations like this have many uses. For instance; building a brand, generating sales, attracting prospects, training groups of people, holding press conferences, corporate announcements and focus groups.

Online Presentations are very similar to conference based seminars; the only difference is that the participants listen to audio and view the presentation in their web browser.

The main benefit of a presentation like this is the interactive element which is the ability to discuss, give and receive

information. It’s differs from a “webcast” which doesn’t allow interaction between the audience and presenter.

Google Hangouts are an easy way to do this at a very low cost when you incorporate the the right tools.

New Tech Advertising is leading the way in North Iowa to helping business owners utilize and setup this helpful technology tool.

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