Why Social Media Marketing is Important!

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Social media marketing, short formed as SMM is the most contemporary marketing vehicle that has taken over the world of marketing like a storm. I personally like to call it “Wildfire Marketing”. Yes! That’s how it works like. Word spreads like wildfire…


Let’s have a look at the various salient features and measures of this new marketing wizard… it’s easy to understand that social media is the creation of mankind. We started connecting, interacting, understanding and enjoying the new meeting joint that was the web world. We like to know what others are doing, thinking, posting….we are open to likes and dislikes, we are used to having our own followers… all this expanse of connections and the vast scope of influencing people on the internet has not missed the eye of the smart marketers around the globe. Each of you is surely hooked on to some social site, on and off. So now we know where it’s the easiest to meet customers…yes! On the internet joint! That’s the place which will give extensive traffic…!!!


So this known, let’s see how it works… Firstly if you are planning to market your brand (it may be yourself or your firm or your product), then you really have to plan. Because SMM without planning can indeed get you lost somewhere. The reason is simple. Everything that appears to the prospect on the web world has an unimaginably high quotient of influence on his mind. So, every word said, every picture posted, every video shared has to be “Planned”, to identify your brand, to make an impact and to sustain the huge competition out there.


Content as always is the KING… and when we say “content”, for SMM, it need not be just text…you can choose from a vast canopy of images, graphics, statistical charts, videos, actual text excerpts from books, articles, etc., thus making powerful impact on the SMM audience.


Those who have tried SMM, would agree if I say that Social Media is classified to be having its own Face and Voice. That’s because it gives all the possibilities of experimenting as well as a strong base to showcase a consistent brand image. With appropriate communication with the prospects, you can make a wonderful success story for your brand by creating awareness, identity and positive association.


There are a number of social media marketing vehicles available to try out. Some of the most popular now a days are Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, YouTube, to count a few. Each of the social sites can be a hub for you to create your brand’s account. Through this account you can directly reach out and befriend your prospective customers. The best part about SMM is that you reach out to 1, you will automatically be reaching out to 100. That’s the power of SMM.


The results, the response and the ROI of SMM is easily measurable. There are many tools like Google analytics, where in you can see exactly what your ROI is on the marketing you have done. And the history of this is very bright indeed.


SMM gives you special features like Blogging and Linking. Blogging can be an amazing window for you to relay information, increase awareness on general issues related to your product line and express your opinions. You can connect others to your blog. This helps create a positive vibe for the brand.

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