Hi my name is Rick Hesse and in this article I would like to talk your business advertising.

I know most business owners do not like to talk about this topic and part of the reason for that, is information overload. That, and the fact that every sales person that calls or stops by your business is an “advertising expert”!

Just a quick word about my experience. I have been on both sides of the desk, meaning, I have been both a business owner, buying advertising and a media sales rep selling it, so I have a unique perspective on the topic.

So I have just a couple of points I want to make to you now.

  • 1. Advertising has changed
  • 2. No one is keeping up with that change

Here is what I mean.

Back in the 80’s when I opened my first retail waterbed store there were far fewer choices where I could spend my advertising budget than there are today.

Now those choices are almost endless.

Why is no one keeping up…because it is not finished growing and evolving into what it will become yet!

But…combine what was, with what is today, and a business could easily go broke trying to spend their way to figuring it all out.

So what I have done is start a company that is dedicated to presenting cutting edge information and supporting services about how advertising really works today.

I want to expose all the misinformation out there about how advertising works online and in combination with other media and how to use it for your business.

I am dedicated to proving the truth about advertising to you.

Ok, so maybe its only truth from my perspective, but that perspective has over 30 years of business experience.

So what does all this mean to you?

Nothing! Until you put me to the test!

Can I tell you I have a 100% fool proof plan to make you millions of dollars.

That depends… are you willing to do what it takes to get there?

So who can you believe about advertising for your business?

Yourself… you know your customers better than anyone, but if you are unsure or do not who they are and where to find them, either way, that will be where we begin. Focusing on what your business provides that may be different from your competitors or that they cannot get anywhere else.

Here is an idea to help you start off, maybe consider someone who is more concerned about proving the return on your investment than they are about selling you their latest, greatest package of advertising!

Today every dollar you spend must count! I mean really count by backing it up with data!

Digital advertising can now track and prove your ROI in black and white… If, things are setup to work that way before you begin any digital campaigns.

So Imagine this…what if for every dollar you spend on advertising it consistently returned $10.00?

How much would you spend on advertising then? Would the budget still be an issue?

I doubt it.

I get asked all the time “what’s it going to cost me”? Now as a media sales person, I’m thinking “as much as possible” so I can make a bigger commission!

But here is what I do differently in my unavoidable role as the owner and a “media sales person”

I start off suggesting free tools to set you up!

Now I get paid to set businesses up, that is what I do.

But what that means can be different for every business.

For example, having always been a commission sales person it became a part of my DNA to always push for more so that, and bosses has always influenced how I work.

However I recently figured out that not every business needs an immediate increase in sales, every one has different goals.

So the type of advertising your business needs will be different depending on where they are at in the use of the new advertising technologies.

When it comes to digital advertising your customers and prospects are now online… but knowing exactly where and how to reach them or what the message should be, will vary widely for every business and what their goals are at the time we begin.

Today’s younger generations all use this technology in their daily lives, that has forever changed how businesses must advertise.

Those are the things New Tech Advertising works with for your business.

We research, plan and tweak your advertising campaigns until we can actually prove your ROI.

Not just as feeling about it, (which, by the way, is what most business owners tell me about the way they track the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns)

But I go for proof as actual data compiled by machines, black and white numbers for every ad campaign, not just… “oh I get people telling me” they heard, saw or read my ad.

Let me share something I used as a media sales person and that I still see happening all the time…I’d say, “why not do your own commercials” you agree and so the ad schedule begins… Then lo and behold family and friends start to tell you… “I saw you on TV” and from that you’ll get the sense your advertising is working…but you still do not have actual data to prove its working, but you feel good about your advertising and you keep spending your money with me.

What I do different now is…I set you up, I find and prove what works for your unique business.

I do not come at you with a package of this many commercial for x dollars.

However show you how I can change the budget to reduce your spending… not to increase it.

How can I do that?

By using computer data to track and analyze every dollar!

It works! There are companies and individuals proving it does everyday and I would love the opportunity to prove it to you!

So let’s talk, go to my Contact Us page, fill out the form or use an old fashioned method and give me a call, you’ll find a phone number there as well.

Thank you so much for reading this, I look forward to discussing with you how New Tech Advertising can support your business advertising needs with very affordable solutions! Thank you