The Secrets Of Free Advertising and Your Website

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There really are ways to advertise that cost nothing to use, like Google search, but to set it all up and maintain is no easy task.

But a major obstacle for most is learning the “how to” and what the search engine requirements involve, not to mention having the time to find all the information to make it work for your business.

We all need help these days to manage our businesses and we all must “specialize” in something because there’s just too much information in the world for one person to know it all!

This for me means living your passion, love what you do!

Today  It is easier than ever to learn about what you love doing, information is at our finger tips, literally right there on our smart phones.

So what does that have to do with free advertising?

Its my passion!

I love helping businesses and providing services that help them grow sales and the Internet has allowed me to learn the “how to” of “free” advertising.

The simple answer is still “give search engines what they want” and that was the secret I revealed in part one of this article.

However most web designer will build you a website and throw in a few keywords and maybe do a few other things to help you rank your site. Yet most give little thought to what I call “the big picture”, it is not just about building a nice looking website, now days most anyone can build a website very inexpensively and even for free. (again, if you have the time to learn how)

But the “how it works” is actually very complicated and in a state of ever changing, it is just  the nature of the beast. Our competitive world requires that change to stay a head of the curve or be passed by those who do embrace the change.

So how do you get free advertising?

That hasn’t really changed since online search capabilities began, GIVE THE SEARCH ENGINES WHAT THEY WANT, THE WAY THE WANT IT!

But that requires proper setup, which is the second part of the secret.

Few web designers are marketers and the best comparison I can make is that the mechanic who fixes you car, has a different job than the engineer who designed and built your car. In the end the two are related but but how they do their work is clearly different.

This is the mistake many business owners make when hiring a web designer, they hire the mechanic to build it rather than the engineer who can design it.

Business owners need to work with professionals who understand both marketing and design, but in these days of easy information, many think they understand, yet in reality, they only understand in part.

The most important tip I can give is to look for a company who does not just have one person doing it all. Find a company that can provide you with individuals who specialize in what they do and who love doing their work because in the end that will ensure your business the best overall long term results.

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