The Secret Of Free Advertising

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“FREE ADVERTISING” is what every business owner wants from search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo.

So how does a local business get “free advertising”?

Is it really “free”?

The short answer is yes, it is free in the sense that what search engines do is deliver relevant information at the moment someone is looking for it, and business owners can benefit from that.

However, “SEO” or Search Engine Optimization, as it is most commonly called, is only part of the “how” search engines return results using “keywords”. The words that consumers use to describe products and services when they want to learn more before purchasing.

But search engines have a huge financial stake in delivering the exact information people are looking for when they are looking and with minimal frustration.

This has been a major change in how businesses can deliver their advertising message to their customers and prospects and it has literally and forever changed how advertising works.  

Advertising methods today differ from those that have been used for centuries, aka “word of mouth advertising” because we are now an “on demand culture”! Meaning, when I have a need to purchase anything, I can research before I buy, thus putting the consumer in control, especially when price shopping.

Of course everyone wants the “free” advertising methods to work for their business and “word of mouth” has been how that has worked in the past.

Today social media is the new “word of mouth” advertising.

So how do you get search engines to advertise your business for free?

Some might still tell you “build it and they will come” and in the very early days of the Internet that was true, now it is much more complex to be the business at the top of a search result and to stay there as people are shopping for what you sell or provide.

Locally you need your business to be there when anyone searches based on the keywords that describe your business, because that is what over 80% of us do now, we search before we buy.

But we still go to stores and buy!

To rank your web pages locally in your area became a big part of Google’s business model some time ago with Google places, which has changed to Google+ Local. There is clearly less competition in your local trade area than when competing nationally, so ranking when people search in your trade area is much less difficult, and much less costly depending on the competition for your business.

But you must still give the search engines what they want the way they want it!

Your business must provide relevant information they can use and the proper “Keywords/Key Phrases”  must be included on every page that describes a product or a service and if it includes a price, all the better, because that often is what consumers are looking for first.

As you choose to advertise your business today customers now require of your business “on demand” consumer info as well.

Every business must now direct their advertising to be found as customers and prospects are searching and it must be about the searcher as an individual and you message must connect the ways they use such as mobile devices instead of PC’s.

How can a business “be there” when people are purchasing?

Business = Website = Blog, today they are all one in the same when it comes to providing information about products and services.

If you operate from a physical location, people must find you when they want to or need what you sell and begin their online search.

A website is the “virtual” representation of your business.

A “Blog” has become the online method or “print version” of your business message regarding the products or services you provide your customers. BUT now every business can be its own television and radio station as well providing a video or audio message 24/7 for your customers and prospects to find!

These New Tech Advertising methods are the starting point where search engines begin by providing the latest information about your business information to your customers for free when they are searching.

The Secret to FREE ADVERTISING, give the search engines what they want,  the way they want it!

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