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The Secret Of Free Advertising

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Image via CrunchBase “FREE ADVERTISING” is what every business owner wants from search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. So how does a local business get “free advertising”? Is it really “free”? The short answer is yes, it is free in the sense that what search engines do is deliver relevant information at the moment someone is looking for it, and business owners can benefit from that. However, “SEO” or Search Engine Optimization, as it is most commonly called, is only part of the “how” search engines return results using “keywords”. The words that consumers use to describe products and […]

The Evolution of Advertising

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After reading an article with the same title as this page I decided as a former advertising sales person for a local TV station and current advertising business entrepreneur I should post on the changes I’ve seen the past 30+ years. As the last post I did pointed out most advertising sales reps who call on local business owners do so for the purpose of selling only one type of advertising or another. They are mostly trained by managers who believe in what they sell, but often have little experience in both buying and selling their media, so therefore on […]