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Facebook for Networking Professionals

Are you a long time network marketer who has built large down lines in the past by holding meetings, making phone calls, mailing postcards and talking to anyone who would listen?

Maybe you just joined a network marketing company and have no idea what a “down line” is?

No matter your answer I can help! facebook logo

  • Whatever your experience level I will answer your questions and setup you to succeed using Facebook in your networking business by answering the following questions!
  • What is “Social Media”? (Facebook is currently only the largest of many social channels today)
  • How does it work?
  • How can you use it to build your business?

Facebook advertising is one of the most precise types of advertising available today to local business owners, however confusion abounds around the best ways to utilize this new advertising channel called Social Media.

Are you new to Facebook or have limited experience with it?

This collection of six 3-5 minute videos will have you setup and understanding it in no time!

What is Social Media and how does it work?

Check out this short video to learn more!

How can I use Facebook to build my business?

Your business has two choices for advertising using Facebook, viral, (free) or paid advertising.


Hedon-Blogger-clip-artWhat makes viral advertising work is the oldest form of advertising called “word of mouth” meaning the content you post will cause people to enthusiastically and willingly talk about your business for you, the original free advertising!

Of course what makes it work is the value of the content, images, videos and even the tone of your message.

Does your information solve a problem for people?

Offer your solution to groups of people on Facebook looking for answers!

Now there is no reason to go it alone and spend your time figuring all this out!



Our Facebook for Networking Professionals package provides your business the tools you need to succeed!

What you’ll receive when you order.

  1. Your own personal custom designed Facebook cover photo that is unique to you!
  2. Your “Apps” (applications) setup for you with your contact info
  3. Forms to allow you to collect information and connect with prospects!
  4. Setup to add videos to your page (Video will help you rank your page for searches much more quickly)!
  5. Add events to your page
  6. Access to helpful information to help you succeed with Facebook

Don’t waste time and effort trying to figure it out on your own when our Facebook for Networking professional provides the setup to jump start your business for a one-time affordable price!

Do you have questions? You can call 641-430-7718 or email me


 As a bonus you’ll receive my free report on how advertising has changed and how it affects every business on the planet!