Social Media Advertising


Social Media is the NEW Newspaper, Radio and Television combined! Combine the power of all 3 together in one channel called social media!

How it Works: 

There are 2 different ways to utilize social media for your business.

You can "Post" to your social media channels for free all day long, think of each person who sees your post as a free print ad (if you use text) or a Free TV commercial (if you use video) on your own business channel for everyone to see 24/7!

With Social Media you can target your advertising more effectively than any other type of channel.

"Paid Advertising" is different than posting in which you set the budget, and even as little as $20.00 per month spent consistently can achieve amazing "reach" or "impressions" as it also called by traditional media outlets. Which only means how many people were exposed to your business message and that's all it ever has been.

Digital Marketing and Advertising is different than traditional media in that it can accomplish much more with proper planning!

We are setup with Facebook as a digital marketing agency and can create your posting or paid campaigns starting at only $59.00 per month! 

Effective Social media campaigns allow for objectives and goals that can be tracked and measured so the results can be improved over time. 

Time and Consistency is how all advertising works! I have managed social media for local small business owners and those who've persisted in both post and paid advertising campaigns monthly have seen consistent growth in their audience and businesses. 

I'm looking for a few small business owners who want support with their digital advertising. Together we will come up with a custom plan for your business that fits your goals and budget.

I will schedule your posts around a schedule that works for you and can create paid campaigns targeted to your specific audience. 

All I need to get started is some content you'd like to share with your prospects and customers. 

To Give My Post Scheduling Service a Try for Only $59.00 for a month of posts, Click Below

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