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Your Business Advertising Must Be Unique!

I Do Not Sell You Advertising....

As a business owner you do not need the next latest or greatest ad campaign. You need a consistent plan and strategy that finds your buyers, when they are ready to purchase!

I Support Your Business...

After talking with hundreds of business owners I've found most are in the same position when it comes to advertising their business. 

Done For You Advertising

Most business owners and managers are too busy to keep up with the ever changing world of advertising.

The one proven method of successful advertising campaigns is... CONSISTENCY!

In my 30+ years of  advertising experience the one way I've seen it always work is with a consistent effort and of course a targeted audience. 

Your best prospects and customers are those shopping NOW... those who are using search to locate local businesses who can provide them what they want, when they want it!   

I Use Methods Proven to Work for Any Business.

Your Website

I call Your Business Website the "Cornerstone" of all your advertising efforts... Why?

Because then you control the message your prospects receive.

By relying on another platform such as Facebook or Google you are subject to their rule changes, which happen regularly. 

However, by linking everything through your website to those channels you provide an online foundation for being found as the local expert at what you offer. 

Your Social Channels

Your Prospects and Customers are using the Internet to find what they are looking for locally. 

They "hangout" on their favorite channels, like Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube,  Instagram and many others. 

Being found on those channels when people are searching for those "keywords" or "key phrases" that describe your business is how you get found when they are seeking more information.

I use a system that I've proven works better year after year with local business owners in my area. 

Want to learn more? 

My 3 Step Plan to Grow Your Business... 

There are 2 ways to build an effective website. 

  1. Build it and advertise it on local traditional media like TV, Newspaper or Radio
  2. Build it to work with search engines to be found when people use online search methods

Ranking as a local business isn't difficult if you know how... duh... an obvious statement. However knowing how to do it correctly can involve hundreds of steps.  

I help you find your customers and the channels they use regularly. 


Using video to deliver your message is now the most effective way to communicate and achieve the broadest reach.

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