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With traditional advertising the majority of the people your ad reaches (AKA impressions) will NEVER be your customer or are not in the market to buy from you anytime soon!

This means much of what you spend on advertising your business is wasted!

For example, if you sell autos or furniture there is only a certain percentage of people in the market to buy from you in any given month, a share of those buying sooner rather than later is the best you can hope for.

Yet most traditional advertising is designed to reach as many people as possible, the majority of whom fall into one of the two categories outlined above.

Traditional media can only sell “impressions” and are only able to provide your business the hope that someone in the market to buy now will see, hear, or view your advertisement.

Its likely the majority will NEVER be your customer, for various of reasons, or in the very least they are not in the market to buy now!

Pay-per-click advertising zeros in on those who are searching for answers or solutions to an issue. They are searching for the best price possible, the best quality or the business who their friends have bought from and had a good experience with.

cpcLocal Search Advertising AKA Pay-per-click (PPC) or Cost-per-click (CPC) delivers BUYERS!

This type of advertising zeros in on those who are researching businesses in their area for products or services because they are in the market to buy or soon will be, why else would they “Google it”?

When you pay for your advertising based on “interests” you are targeting “behaviors” or actions being taken by those using the Internet.  Plus you are ONLY paying for those who are looking to purchase vs. paying for an audience of people who may not want or at the moment need what your business offers!

Why pay to advertise to an audience not looking to buy?

  • Target Your Advertising to BUYERS rather than the masses and you will be able to reduce what you spend each month plus get better results!Stop Wasting your advertising on those not looking to buy from you now!
  • Reduce advertising spending!
  • Reach buyers more effectively than with traditional media!
  • Target BUYERS!

We will create an advertising campaign for your business that is affordable, because you set the budget. Spend only what you need to and reach BUYERS who are those looking for what your business provides!

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