Today You Need Much More Than A Website

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employees workingHow a Business MUST advertise has changed!

Today a website is the "online" equivalent of your physical business location or the representation of what you offer others.   The mindset of "what's in it for me" is the question your website and ALL of you online advertising campaigns must answer for your prospects and customers. 

Do you want to build and maintain your own website with only basic support services?

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office meetingAre You Looking for support with the overwhelming tasks of advertising and marketing your business online?

With WYSIWYG editors (What You See Is What You Get) creating the layout, adding content, changing fonts, colors and building it with the basic functions a site needs, has become much easier than learning to write code.

However the knowledge, not to mention the time demand, is actually overwhelming to start for most people. 

With the cost of actually getting the job done being advertised for "FREE" while large design firms charge tens of thousands of dollars is confusing in the least. 

Wordpress logo Yet, there must be a reason the approximately 60% of the worlds websites are built using WordPress as the "Content Management System". 

The simple explanation is Google likes WordPress and blogs that provide current info about a websites topic!

It must of course also follow dozens of other little details that web designers don't tell you about, because it gets too technical for most people and you don't really need to know about those things anyway. BUT they must get done to make it all work together correctly.  


Why You Need More Than Just a Website for Your Business...


Some people think that a website is not necessary or that just using a Facebook page is enough.

Truth is that search engines combine information from all over the Internet to build a profile about your business that becomes a major factor in ranking your website for those who are searching.

In fact, if your website is not "mobile optimized" Google will not even rank your site for search. 

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