Has Online Advertising Changed How You Advertise Your Local Business?

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Many businesses have yet to use it in any form. In this ongoing article I will explain about the why and how your business should start using online advertising if you haven’t yet ventured into Google, Facebook or the literally thousands of new channels of advertising available today.how does it work

While we all recognize the importance of social media, many companies take a generic approach to marketing themselves online, without considering how a different, more innovative strategy might benefit and even transform their business.

A company’s online presence through its website, social media and other channels increasingly forms the basis of an organization’s interaction with the outside world. It only makes sense to pay as much attention to the architecture of your web presence as you do to designing or choosing a physical building for your factory, or retail outlets, whatever information a business uses in the sales cycle. This should be the outcome of strategic thinking, creativity and innovation.

Access to information has changed and that has affected advertising mediums of every kind in various ways!

Today “high tech” has created a need for “high touch”, meaning people now crave connection and attention more than ever, and I would say that’s at least in part due to the impersonal nature of technology.

With the changes in advertising today it means to keep your customers, you must create “fans” who willingly talk about your business online. If you provide them something of value (low cost or no cost to you)  which they perceive as important, they may, or may not do business with you, but sharing information about your business is now how it begins, however, first you need to make certain your business can easily be found online.

A business must now be aware what their customers think about them, because a good or a bad word spreading virally can make or break a business very quickly.

The good news is you can learn about your prospects and customers because advertising has now become interactive! biz relationship

Look at television as an example, many programs now have apps that allow fans to download and access “exclusive content” for their favorite shows. Twitter streams now scroll across some live programs on many TV networks.

So what does it all mean to your business?

“The gold is in the list” I am not sure who first said that, but its meaning is clear. Today every business must capture its prospect and customer information in creative ways and then use that information to create a personalized message and to regularly stay in touch.  

How often you should be in touch depends on the type of business you are in and the sales cycle for your products or services.

With advertising becoming interactive, prospects and customers now tell you when they are in the market for more information about the products you sell or services you provide and it’s up to the business to know what that message should be.

The ways businesses can reach out to connect with their customers is the number one thing that has been a major change for advertisers.

For decades the only choice a business had was to use a “broadcasting” type media to “reach” as many people as possible and hope for the best. One of the biggest problems for advertisers has become that of desensitizing our minds and emotions which has created a term called “ad blindness” meaning people do not even see, much less remember most of the thousands of advertising impressions we all are exposed to everyday. ad blindness

For an example that affects the bottom line, it used to be that a 15% discount was enough to motivate consumers, but now it must be at least 40% off before consumers start to see anything as a good deal.  

Here it is, the most important change I’ve seen that many business owners are have a hard time accepting.

Consumers now find your business online when they want to know more, not necessarily when you advertise.

Can they find you?

Does your business have an online presence that is easily found by those searching for what you sell?

Now at least 50% of the time people search online for information about a product or service before they go buy in a local store or call a local service provider .

That is good news for local business owners who either take the time to learn how this new way of advertising works or finds a professional who has worked with online advertising to help businesses compete and be successful with online advertising!

Why learn or get outside help?

It has become vital to your long term success!

Want more proof? Stay tuned, this is my passion so rest assured there is more to come.

Thanks for reading, stay positive!

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