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Google + Marketing

Google Plus is second biggest social media platform after Facebook, yet most of the businesses don’t understand the power of it. It not only help you rank well in search engines but also powerful feature like hangout will help you reach out to your customers personally

Why use Google Plus for Businesses
Research says that 90% + people search online for local businesses and by creating Google Plus page for your business you can put your business on Map and get ranked high for local Google search[

It’s a great feature you can organize your followers and you can choose your content to send out to them accordingly

This is awesome feature and possible the best and cheapest way to approach your customers.

You can create your own community of customers and can send out your marketing and other messages to them easily

We know that Google is HUGE when it comes to online marketing and it literally dominates everyone in this field till it got some competition from Facebook and Google realized that very quickly.Hence, Google Plus is Google’s answer to Facebook and it grew so fast that withing few years it became second biggest social network in the world. Every business should realize the power of ¬†Google Plus now and should incorporate in to it’s social media marketing portfolio.