Google Hangouts and New Tech Advertising

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Google and New Tech Advertising

Google and New Tech Advertising

As with everything these days learning how technology has changed advertising forever is an impossible task because it is ever changing.

Which is why using tools created by Google and made available free to business is a great way to begin.

New Tech Advertising provides affordable “done for your business services” to set your business up to use these tools.New Tech Advertising

We create for your business your own broadcasting channel using Hangouts and You Tube. Your business can now broadcast to your region and make the video available 24/7 on your business You Tube channel.

Blogging, texting and even images that use text to convey a  message creatively, we take care of it all and use the Internet as your business publishing channel for your exclusive written message.

Photo’s become your business gallery and video your commercial, which can be much longer than 30 seconds, ideally 2-3 minutes and we show you how you manage and produce for your business a high tech way to reach new prospects and engage customers.

Controlling your business message on mobile devices is also now very important and  our new app called YogoBogo will hep your there, check it out.


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