First Page Of Google 3rd Position Below The Paid Ads In 5 Minutes!

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For those who are skeptical, as I have always been, I did a print screen to capture the moment for myself.It is no small feat, even though I’ve seen it done differently than it happened for me a couple months ago on a video, so it seemed possible in our news hungry world. 


Here’s my proof

my first 5 minute post

I cut it off but it returned about 31,000,000 results for the keywords “Realtor” and “Advertising” two fairly competitive keywords.

Here it is again cropped so you can read it happened in 5 minutes and I didn’t get the date from Google’s page so you can see it, but it happened 7/18/13 for the record

my first 5 minute post2


It was an exciting day for me and I publish it for my clients to help assure them of their investment in my company.


I also appreciate those who have been endorsing me on Linkedin lately. It is an honor to be recognized for what you do  when it is something that you enjoy doing.


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