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Facebook for Networking Businesses

Facebook Confusion

After all isn’t it just a website people post pictures of their kids, grandkids, cats or dogs or a place people share unimportant information?

Well sort of, but the fact that on average people now spend at least 30 minutes of time there everyday is also what makes it work as an advertising medium!

Social media and Facebook give people a way of expressing themselves like never before, hence the explosion of usage the past few years!

It is through those expressions people provide valuable information to businesses who then use that info to better target prospects and reduce unwanted advertising, plus helps in meeting their customers needs more precisely.

This is how advertising has changed in the past decade!

It now allows for direct interaction between a business and its prospects and customers!

Today people who are interested in receiving information, search it out for themselves, when they choose, not when a business decides to run an advertising campaign!

Are you a long time network marketer who has built large down lines in the past by holding meetings, making phone calls, mailing postcards and talking to anyone who would listen?

Maybe you just joined a network marketing company and have no idea what a “down line” is?

No matter your answer I can help! 

Hi, my name is Rick Hesse and whatever your experience level is I will answer your questions and show what is for others using Facebook in their business!

facebook logo

I will setup you to succeed using Facebook in your networking business by answering the following questions!

  • What is “Social Media”? (Facebook is currently only the largest of many social channels today, but it is the easiest and best to start with)
  • How does it work?
  • Why and How can you use it to build your business?

Facebook advertising is one of the most precise types of advertising available today to local small business owners, however because it is still relatively new and evolving, confusion abounds around the best ways to utilize this new advertising channel called “Social Media”.

To prove I am serious about helping you succeed, I have pulled together the following resources to help you better understand how it works.

Are you new to Facebook or have limited experience with it?

This collection of 3-5 minute videos will give you the basics to understanding it in about 30 minutes!

What is Social Media and how does it work?

Check out this short video to learn more!

How can I use Facebook to build my business?

Why do I even need to use Facebook?

This 5 minute video will explain the why and how social media can work for your networking business.

Your business has two choices for advertising using the Facebook channel, viral, (free) or paid advertising.

Hedon-Blogger-clip-artWhat makes viral advertising work is the oldest form of advertising called “word of mouth” meaning the content you post is so valuable it will cause people to willingly and enthusiastically talk about your business for you, the original “free advertising”!

Does your product or information solve a problem for people?

There are “groups” of people on Facebook looking for answers!

When it comes to using Facebook advertising it isn’t overly important to understand it all (just learn what works and you will make money sooner). But if you’re the type who likes to know check out this glossary of Facebook advertising terms that gives you an overview.


So how do you get started?

It all begins with your Facebook account sign up info, your profile and then creating a page that represents your business.

That is where I come in,

My “Facebook for Networking Package” gives you the first crucial step in making it all work! 

Facebook pages, groups and “apps” allow you to reach out to those who are actually interested in what you do in your business and are searching for information you are offering! 

The below image shows an example of what a cover photo is in the center of the page.

In the red circles are the “Apps” that give Facebook the functions that make it work with your business.

Facebook Apps


In the circle on the left is your business “about” information, a link to your website and phone number, its like having your business card available online 24/7!

In the circle on the right are “tabs” or the “apps” that do the work for your business.

What we do first is provide the setup to begin the process of using Facebook as a marketing channel for your business.

Next  I help you understand how it works with tutorial videos, Ebooks and information on the best ways to connect with new prospects and ways to help you better manage your down line with online tools.

For me, its like Social media was made for network marketing because when done correctly it solves issues many people have with building a networking business like…

  • Finding new prospects
  • Following up with prospects
  • Managing the sales cycles of prospects
  • The “cookie cutter” approach to marketing many companies use
  • Having a unique online presence that will attract new prospects

These are a few of the issues I have found with every networking opportunity I’ve seen the past 30+ years and I solve these issues with my new “Facebook for Networking Package”!

1. I provide you a channel to connect with prospects nationwide and even globally!

2. I provide you a channel to target prospects by specific interests and demographic information and users voluntarily show Facebook their interests by the behaviors they display through “likes” “shares” and “comments”!

3. I provide you the online way for those seeking information to find you and your business information, when they are searching your info is online 24/7 (if you make it of value to the searchers in the right way so they will find you)

There are many already profiting using the strategies and methods that now reflect the thinking of coming generations.

Using the following six steps I will have you connecting with new prospects in no time!

     1. I create your personally designed Facebook cover photo!
     2. I install your “Apps” (applications) this is the setup which provides your contact info so those who are interested in receiving more information know how to reach you!
     3. I create the forms to allow you to collect prospect information so you will be able to follow up with interested prospects!
     4. I setup your page up to add videos (Video will help you rank your page for searches much more quickly)!
     5. I setup and show you how to add events to your page! Do you want to hold a meeting in your local area? Promote it with Facebook!
     6. I will provide you free phone support, Ebooks, tutorials and  information to help you succeed with Facebook for your business!

My “Facebook for Networking Professional Package” gives you the setup to jump start your business and shows you the best methods to use in your business!

All for a one-time price of only $120.00!

Do you have questions? Call me at 641-430-7718 or email me


 As a bonus you’ll receive my free detailed report on how advertising has changed and how it affects every business on the planet!