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Do-it-Yourself, Because I Am My Business!

Everyone these days wants and needs to know the bottom line first to know if something is valuable or not.
What is the value to my business if I spend time learning this information?

Information overload is epidemic for us all, but it is also a reason to use automation to help organize and provide us what we want to know, when we want to know it.

This is Good News!

What New Tech Advertising and Rick Hesse can provide your business is advertising from not only a sales perspective, but also from a business owners experience and as marketer with 30+ years creating, purchasing and selling various media!

However the costs of working with professionals today varies greatly for very similar experienced people depending on what part of the world you hire them from, so where, how and who you choose to help you get things done is a serious consideration.

Learn Online Advertising Quickly using The New Tech Advertising DYI Methods Which Include:

Weekly Video Chat on Google Hangouts around your schedule – A Live Event to answer questions about advertising in your industry!

  • Education/Information Opportunities
  • Community/Networking Opportunities
  • Blogging/Your Business Info

Only $100.00 per month