Cut Your Direct Mail Costs In Half And grow Your Mailing List!

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If that headline prompted you to read on then let me show you how I can help you do that.

Its actually very simple, as more advertising dollars shift to digital forms of advertising, everything thing that has worked for decades as advertising for your local business has changed.

Everyday I get expensively produced direct mail pieces in my mailbox. But if you refocus your campaigns from printing on paper to online digital m

Typical advertising mail

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edia and create the bulk of your message online while using direct mail to direct and announce what action you want them to take, such as “sign up to receive” your latest offer you can build better lists. You can also prepare for the future as advertising go mobile.

Instead of putting the expense into printing on nice paper or a lot of pages you can reduce the bulk of your expense by using the “Every Door Direct Mail” program and your per piece for postage drops to as low as $.16 each. You can create a 6.25×11 postcard for much less than what you now spend on printing costs and you’ve likely easily reduced your cost in half for each campaign.

Your business can reduce direct mail costs dramatically while building digital subscriber databases around custom offers targeted to those people who are in the “search mode” of shopping.

By working in the copier/printing business for nearly 9 years I learned a lot about how much it costs to produce printing projects. That industry makes its money on a “cost per copy” basis so I got good at helping business reduce their printing costs to help me sell my products.

The power of these new advertising methods are tremendous for providing you more information about what your prospects and customers are looking for.

Technology has created advertising automation methods to help you reduce costs even further.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has made available to local businesses advertising tools that will help businesses make more money if you know how to put the software pieces together.

That is what New Tech Advertising offers its clients, the specialized knowledge learned from decades of experience.

We simply manage the advertising campaigns for your business.

Through personally talking with many business owners I have learned there is a need to have a dedicated person or company to oversee your company’s advertising campaigns.

Advertising has become specialized and is now a fulltime job to bring together all the pieces of information and software to set it all up not to mention learning to use and manage it all.

Do you see why it has become a full time endeavor?

Comments welcomed and appreciated, agree or disagree?

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