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Why Put My Unique Experience to Work for Your Business?

Think about anyone who contacts you about buying any type advertising for your local business. They usually and sincerely are trying to help your business, they believe in what they are selling you, as they should. New Tech Advertising

But their belief system likely came from their  training and may be one-sided, as mine was when I was selling local business owners Television ads.

In the 80's I owned a retail waterbed store and spent 1000's of dollars monthly advertising my business. 

It was then I began to understand how complex and difficult spending money on advertising was and that was long before the Internet. 

It was then I began learning how to effectively advertise a small local business on a budget. 

As I watched the Internet begin in the early 90's I knew it would have an impact  one day on my career at the time as a TV ad salesperson. 

The Internet represented "FREE" advertising IF you learned how to set it up correctly. 

But Today Your Advertising Choices Are Endless and You Could Go Broke if you Make the Wrong Ones... 

YET... There are no more quick easy answers when it comes to advertising your small business. 

Are you wondering how to sort through the confusion about advertising online? 

I am here to support you in making the best choices for your business!

I don't "sell you advertising"!

I support you in making the right choices and creating the proper foundation for advertising any business digitally online.   

The proper foundation I am talking about is using your website as the cornerstone for advertising your business. 


Why do some web designers charge thousands to design a website and Yet There Are Others Who Advertise They Will Build Yours Free? 

Technology can "automate" website building to make the process cheap and quick. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can build a website.

Yet there are still many companies who still write custom code to build them.

Then there are those who learn to use Content Management Systems, like WordPress, which fall somewhere in the middle of the 2 mentioned extremes, getting one built for FREE vs. Spending Thousands to get the job  done... BUT...that's only some of the differences.

The Ugly Truth... it may not matter who builds your website or How Much You Spend!

I've seen it go both ways!

What really determines the true cost of building a website is what you do with it after its built.  

What I do different is to support small local companies who cannot afford to hire various kinds of expensive professionals. 

I work with you to clear the confusion around the blending of traditional advertising, with digital online advertising, in cost effective proven ways that WORK!

I am dedicated to serving my clients with high quality, cost effective advertising and marketing solutions that are of far greater value than the price.

I provide solutions tailored to meet each company’s specific advertising and marketing needs.

Then I will provide you the technology tools to manage and automate your monthly advertising campaigns yourself or do it all for your business, mostly likely some blending of the two.

Building Digital Advertising campaigns the right way is important! 

Social Media is now the best value for advertising any business if you choose the right ones!

My focus is your company’s uniqueness in your local market place and the customers you serve, so I work with you to find the areas within your business where together we can improve efficiencies, and streamline processes to make and/or save you money.

However, I want to learn about your business to work effectively with your company and together we uncover the information your customers and prospects are searching for to make better, more informed decisions in their buying processes using your unique business information.

Thank you for  deciding to contact me, I look forward to providing solutions designed around your local business’ uniqueness in your market place.

Rick Hesse

New Tech Advertising
102 26th Street SW
Mason City IA 50401
Cell: 641-420-8816
T: (641) 201 - 8643
E: rick@newtechad.com


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