Confessions of an Adverting Sales Rep

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I am one of dozens that probably walk through the doors to your business or call every month just trying to make a living.

So why should you care, you are busy working your business, right? I get it because I’ve been on both sides of the desk as a business owner and as a sales rep.

Does a business owner really need help with their advertising tasks?

Here is an interesting stat.

The “half-life of knowledge” is the time span from when knowledge is gained to when it becomes obsolete. Half of what is known today was not known 10 years ago. The amount of knowledge in the world has doubled in the past 10 years and is doubling every 18 months according to the American Society of Training and Documentation (ASTD).

No where is that fact more true than in the world of online advertising and the ever accelerating pace of change.

We all need to keep pace and stay connected to others who have any knowledge we can use in our business, yet most of us don’t have the time to learn it all. But there is new knowledge every month that could benefit your business but how can you find and learn it all?

You Can’t! No one person can know it all, we all need help!

Conflicting information abounds about social media’s effectiveness as an advertising media but check out this video

This is one of the biggest obstacles business owners face these days, keeping pace with the changes in how advertising works. The advertising businesses have done for decades just doesn’t have the punch it once had, yet billions of dollars in advertising spending is wasted on ineffective campaigns that miss the goal.

So what about all the different reps who call to sell you their media? How can you tell if a sales person cares about your business or is just trying to sell you something for their own survival?

It can be difficult because most sales people are sincerely wanting to help and can be trusted, contrary to common stereo types. The problem comes as most employees are “trained’ to sell a product or service who have not actually ever used what they sell themselves, especially from an owners perspective.

There is naturally a bias and although most any advertising can produce results, one question that every business owner must ask when planning their advertising these days, “is this media or channel the best most effective way for me to advertise my business”?

Stay tuned as this blog churns out content from one of the most unique perspectives in the world of advertising  and what works for your type of business, not some cookie cutter packages, but real solutions to the advertising questions business owners are asking these days.

Do you have and continuously update a database of your customers and do you have a strategy for finding new ones?

How does social media impact your business?

In the coming months I will share from 30+ years of experience and provide specific solutions for business owners today.



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