After Years of Sales Experience

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After over 40 years I’ve been selling I finally realize it’s the teaching aspect of sales that I like best.

So how does that benefit your business?

Well, if you get to know me you’ll understand better, but in a nutshell I can promise that I will teach you for FREE what those 40 years have taught me, very much the hard hay.

So if I look back and wish I knew then vs. what I know now it would  have saved me a lot and I am building this blog from those years of experience to benefit your business.

I have worked with and in various types businesses and industries such as B2B, B2C and B2B2C sales and as you know each one is different in its approach to finding and keeping clients or customers.

Having been a business owner and sales professional I can provide your business the level of services you deserve based on real world experience.

I am loving more everyday writing about my knowledge of an enormous and complex industry in which are many who have degrees of higher learning that I do not.

But if you can believe in learning the hard way and want straight talk about the best ways to advertise your business then we might work well together.

My contact us page will get you in touch or just click and email me now.

If you prefer to phone call 641-430- 7718

I will be starting to use Google hangouts regularly in the near future and there will be more info up soon about that. We will be able talk using video tools Google provides free, so there will be no cost to join in for the first 10 who want to Hangout and talk about their business advertising with me!

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