Advertising DNA

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Most would never connect these two terms, but one day it hit me, online advertising seems as similarly complex a topic as is the topic of  DNA, at least in my mind.

Why/how can I compare the two?

Because as I work with local small business owners it feels that way to me sometimes!

How do I begin to explain what I have learned about online advertising methods from the past two decades of experience as a small business owner?

What words do I use with someone who doesn’t even understand the difference between a “like” or a “post” on Facebook or how am I to explain what the online methods of advertising for a local business are or what it does for their businesses or how it works?

With hundreds of online advertising channels and various strategies, how is a business owner to keep pace today and know which will work for their business?

Business and especially advertising a business in ways that are profitable, must now involve a “team effort”, which is what “New Tech Advertising” does, we research the best online advertising for your specific type of business.

It has taken me 30 years to learn what I have about advertising and building a business online (gee, can’t a PhD be earned in less time?)

That is why I compare it to DNA, there are so many parts and pieces to making it work today, online advertising has become very complex, the good news is many of the processes can now be automated using software programs when you know.

When working with a prospect who is confused about online advertising, I so want to make it simple to understand, but how do you make complex topics like DNA or online advertising easy to understand?

No really, how?

Because that is my daily struggle, to help small business owners, who have no time or desire to learn about how this all works.

So what’s in it for the business owner to work with “New Tech Advertising”?

Experience, the experience and know how to put together campaigns that provide proof of their results over time, advertising goals become measurable and track-able based on audience participation. When someone “clicks” an ad they have an information motivation, they are looking for what your business can provide them.

Can your message be found?

Today we shop online, then go to the stores to purchase, that has put the power of information with the consumer rather than the business as “the expert”. People now research before they spend, and shouldn’t they learn what you want then to know about purchasing from your business?

That’s what advertising and marketing involve today, if your business gets “connected” to the ways customers, clients or prospects want you to communicate your “business’ story” to them, you will succeed.

Media and businesses are still mostly concerned with broadcasting a message to the masses because that’s how it has always been done, yet we are coming to understand that change has happened and no one can deny it.

The idea of “Advertising DNA” is an example about trying to understand the parts and pieces of how it all fits together to work, science has learned amazing things about how our bodies are put together to work, do you understand how DNA works? It takes years of study to understand it.

Understand advertising now involves continuous study as new strategies and technology’s become available everyday for the small business, that is what I do, learn everyday about how to help your business succeed with online advertising. Give me a call today to discuss how online advertising can work for your business.

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