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A Digital Agency

I’ve created a digital marketing agency that works with videos and various social channels to help you choose your best digital advertising channels!

Forward Thinking

It’s why I chose the name of my business. I am always learning how to better serve my clients with what is new in today’s small business advertising.

Problem Solvers

Solving problems gets easier with experience. My 30+ years of first buying and then selling digital advertising has taught me how to see your business advertising needs just a little differently than those local reps stopping by or calling you non-stop daily.Want help sorting it all out?

Customer Support

I prefer to partner with those busnesses who want help figuring out this whole digital advertising thing. Who want to work with someone who has proven expereince with the local small business owner, because I’ve been one too for a very long time.

My Story

As a Small Business Owner Spending Money On Advertising Sucks!
But it is a necessity for business success!

Which is why I began long go to study and consult with businesses needing support in deciding how to use the online world of Digital Internet Marketing and Advertising.

These Three Areas I Provide Support in For Small Local Businesses of All Types and Sizes.
Website Development
Social Media Management
Video Production Services

These 3 areas of digital advertising form a solid foundation for affordable, successful and manageable advertising campaigns for every type and size of business.

If you’re a local small business owner what process do you use to decide which local channels like radio, TV, Newspapers, not to mention the barrage of phone calls from “Google specialists” and others who call your business trying to sell you on their media?

Making Advertising Decisions as a small business owner has never been more difficult. Agree?

I don’t sell you advertising… I help you manage the “channels” you use to digitally to provide access for your customers and prospects to learn about how to do businesses with you!

The time has come when every business must digitally provide information for its customers… I do so without breaking the advertising budget.

I bring together the foundation every business needs to do business in a digital advertising world! AND most importantly to you, I break it down locally or where ever your business does business!

When the 3 foundational digital elements come together, which are, a relevant website that creates the correct UX (user experience) creative videos and targeted social media channels that are topic and time appropriate… it equals affordable and successful advertising campaigns!

This begins the process of actually creating a solid online founfdation for digital advertising campaigns that I’ve proven time and time again to be successful for small local businesses.

So if you would like to discuss how to improve the ways your business currently decides where and how you spend your advertising budget, then give me a call/text to  641-420-8816 or shoot me an email today! You’ll also find me on most social channels like Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, just click the icons on the page!

I look forward to discussing your business advertising needs with you, thanks for reading my story

Rick Hesse

New Tech Advertising

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