7 Realtor Advertising Strategies To Increase Sales

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Video, video, video, on the web is now the equivalent to the familiar saying location, location, location.

These seven steps are methods Realtor’s should be using in their business to market their clients properties, but few have yet to go beyond the traditional yard signs and newspaper ads for selling property.

Many have not yet created their own website or blog to help establish themselves as experts in their fields and do little beyond what the office franchise they belong to does for them in the way of marketing their business. However most real estate franchises have put together tools that will help them help themselves, but many have not had the time or desire to learn how to use them because they are too busy working the business.

In an effort to make it simple for the busy real estate professional I have created a list of seven things many larger offices have not implemented yet such as Google hangouts.

These methods will help separate you from your competitors…

1. Market yourself and your listings in a video walk thorough of each of your listings making it personalized, as if you were taking a prospect through the property in person. Also create a picture album of each property including panoramic photos inside and out

2. Create a yard sign that offers a keyword “Text to” option and a QR code prospects can scan to instantly to receive more info on the property they are standing in front of as they send the request. It also sends potential buyers your contact info including a “push to call button”.

3. Create a blog to provide valuable information for buyers and sellers and to help establish yourself as an expert in your field

4. Create social media accounts and post regularly providing valuable and interesting info to buyers and sellers and most important make the time for interaction through your profile name which now contributes to your search rankings

5. Create your own You Tube channel to host video of your property listings

6. Host a weekly Google hangout from a “featured property”

7. Promote that you market your clients property using these techniques whenever possible in person or with business cards, print ads, etc. to help set you apart from your competitors

You do not need to do all of this at one time just take each of these steps one at a time and see it as an ongoing effort to market your business and become an asset to your clients by building trust and rapport with those who choose to do business with you.

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