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 Most People Today Hate Advertising! 

Business Owners Hate Buying it and Consumers hate being interrupted by It!  


Yet advertising is an investment in your business...AND consumers actually learn about many things through advertising! 

So why all the negative feelings about it? The main reason is that people do not like being "sold" anything and today they want to be "fans" of those they trust. 

The answer to that question is EXACTLY why I started New Tech Advertising...

My business is helping small business owners to better understand online advertising. 

Advertising has become an overwhelming task for business owners!

I work to provide your business with the three main essential areas you must use to find your best prospects and reach to your customers cost effectively!

  1. A website is no longer an online brochure...You must begin with a website that provides the information people are searching for beyond what your business provides!
  2. No longer can a business afford to ignore social media as an advertising medium!
  3. VIDEO!! Video is now the proven delivery method that people prefer! 

These 3 areas setup correctly will give any business the foundation to begin using digital advertising to advertise their business using the multitude of digital channels! 

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Social Mediasocial-media-people

Today social media has become the new TV, radio and newspaper in a digital format! How people get their news and information has changed, especially for those 40 and under! 

How do you know if social media advertising will work for your business? 

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Video Marketingntvp logo

Facebook now claims over 8 billion video views a day! Most people prefer watching over reading and video marketing for every business has become the most effective strategy to convey any business message! 

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Today every business needs a website! In fact it has now become a factor in whether or not someone will do business with you for many! 

A poorly designed website tells your customers you do not care about providing them the info they are looking for!

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