Why Choose New Tech Advertising?

Social Media Marketing

Today Social Media has become the new TV, radio and newspaper in a digital format! 


We Offer 30-days of Post Campaign Scheduling From $59.00 per month

We Also Provide Paid Advertising Campaigns... You Choose What You Spend... as little as $5.00 per day


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Video Marketing

Most people prefer watching over reading and video marketing for every business has become the most effective strategy to convey any business message!

Digital Video Production Starting at $97.00

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Website Marketing

Today every business needs a website!

In fact website marketing has now become a factor in whether or not someone will do business with you for many! 

Website Development Starting From $732.00 for the first year and as little as $132.00 annually thereafter. 

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Technology Has Forever Changed How You  Find New Customers and Stay Connected With Those You Have!

Far fewer people read the newspapers, listen to the radio or tune in to their favorite TV show the same as they did not all that long ago. TV-ad-690x390

Today consumers get much of their news and information through different channels because there are many, many more choices than just a few years ago.

Our business is providing small business owners a better understanding about online marketing and advertising methods for small business owners. 

Digital Advertising has become an overwhelming task for any business owner!

how does it workWould You Agree?

However, with the day-to-day workload of most business owners, more and more are wanting support with those daunting tasks.  

I support your business with advertising coaching services that will help you meet the requirements of the three main essential areas your business must use in the digital world to find your best prospects and reach to your customers cost effectively!

  1. A website is no longer an online brochure...You must begin with a website that provides the information people are searching for, even beyond what your business provides as long as it's helpful info!
  2. No longer can a business afford to ignore social media as an advertising medium! Billions of people of all ages use social media daily!
  3. VIDEO!! Video is now the proven delivery method for your business message that people prefer most! 

These 3 areas setup correctly will give any business a solid foundation to effectively begin using digital advertising to promote their business.

I'll show you how to choose from the multitude of digital channels which will work best for your specific needs and reach more of your prospects and customers with the right message at the right time, at a fraction of the cost of traditional media! 

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