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Roger Atherton

As a small retailer , Rick has been a big help in understanding the digital market place. 

Tony Johnson

Rick has been great to work with. I know nothing really about Social Media and he has our company heading in the right direction.
Thanks for your hard work!
Tony Johnson

Wendy Ruby

I hired Rick to help me with my marketing efforts online and with my business facebook account. We opened up our new business in July 2014 and the only advertising we have done is with Rick. We are AMAZED at the RESULTS!!! We are packed every day at our Bistro Cafe. We had to purchase a buzzer system to keep up! Due to Rick's efforts, many of our customers have found us online and through facebook all because of Rick's expertise in "how to market a business online"...I would highly recommend Rick!!!

Christen Sherwood

I hired Rick to create a business website for me and to help me update my business Facebook page and make it look better.
Not only did he do both well, he also instructed me on how to update my own website-which took patience-as I am not a 'computer' person.
He is personable and very easy to work with.
I would highly recommend him for your business advertising needs! 

Colleen M. Divine

Rick possesses both creative instinct and technical expertise, a rare combination; his skills range from traditional marketing methods to cutting-edge strategies. I can wholeheartedly recommend him. 

My 3 Step Service Plan

Web Development You have a website or you don't. More importantly does it work for your business? Is it Worth your investment? If you don't provide your customers what they are looking for, they'll find someone else who will... that's a fact in todays online world!

The 1st Step is FREE... Get a Free Website Analysis so we can begin a conversation about how you advertise your business using your website as the starting point for all your advertising campaigns. 

You will receive instant access to a report which will detail specific areas of your website that need improving. 

This is where we can begin the conversation or you can Learn More by downloading my free ebook


The biggest change in advertising for small business owners has been Social Media!  For Local Small Businesses it is now essential. Knowing the how to, when to and what is "socially acceptable" to your audience is as well.

One BIG problem for busy small business owners who get all the creative part of advertising done "free" from newspapers and radio is that now they must create their own content for use in social media channels.

It's not hard to type text posts into your channels, however, using images and videos reach FAR more people in your trade area!  

Creative "Free Posting" combined with Paid Advertising Create a Powerful Combination! 

How do you make social media work for your business?

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Videos Do you use them on your website and in your social media channels? 

The statistics for using your own videos to advertise your business are astonishing. Billions of hours of videos are consumed online everyday! 

Video production costs have always been cost prohibitive for most small businesses... until now!

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Spending Your Money On Advertising Sucks!
How Do You Choose Which Media To Use?
Want Support With Your Advertising? But Don't need to be sold commercials!

TV, Radio, Newspapers... Now Websites & Social Media!! 


which do I choose?


Owning a business and raising a family in my early 20's was a challenging time. In the 40 years since I have had successes and failures, however, my lessons learned are a little unique.

Have you ever had to choose between buying your baby's food or advertising your business? I remember a time...

Have you ever struggled to sell advertising to a business owner to pay for your child's education? Well...

Obviously I wouldn't be asking if I did not have those experiences.

Why does it matter? 

Read on to learn more....


Web Design for Small Business

I've worked for years to help small business owners learn how to take the complex processes of advertising onli...
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